I’m an innovative creator, inspirational leader, and formative product executive who thrives on designing and launching global products that surge engagement and revenue. Through authentic, humble, and transparent leadership, I balance user and business needs while managing tradeoffs and making quick-decisions. I love coaching, mentoring and bringing out the best in the people who love to brainstorm creative solutions to customer problems.

The Weather Channel
Vice President, Product & Design



I enjoy leading a 20+ member product and design team to create and deliver innovative digital products and user experiences. Delivering on KPIs and revenue goals, I manage the fan outcomes of The Weather Channel products across all computing platforms, including mobile, web, wearables, and other advanced technologies. Through innovative development and aligning product purpose with company vision, my teams have achieved powerful engagement and revenue results.


Vice President, Mobile Products

​NOV 2013 - JAN 2015


I directed the vision, deployment, and management of The Weather Channel mobile apps on smartphones and tablets. I enjoyed the opportunity to redesign The Weather Channel mobile apps from the ground up to increase customer satisfaction and engagement. Delivering 10 billion forecasts per day around the world, we help people make decisions, stay safe, and enjoy the outdoors.



Vice President, Innovation

​JAN 2013 - NOV 2013


I'm very proud to have established the PGi Innovation Lab. Our mission was to generate original ideas for new products, services, and technologies and transform those ideas into viable business opportunities through an agile process of research, evaluation, and development. The Innovation Lab not only served as the launchpad for an award-winning mobile app (Agenday), but also enhanced PGi’s reputation as a technology leader through the advancement of breakthrough ideas and a forward-thinking company culture.


Standout Consulting

Director of Strategy & Innovation

​APR 2010 - JAN 2013


As a product strategy and innovation consultancy, I identified new product opportunities and combined technology and art into creative website and mobile applications for a variety of clients including Premiere Global Services, Global Standard Financial (GSF), PINK, and BrightHouse. My creative team planned, designed, and developed collaboration tools, social media services, and mobile applications.



Vice President, Virtual Products

​FEB 2009 - APR 2010


I drove the strategy and implementation of an innovative collaboration experience called iMeet. With iMeet, I enjoyed changing how business professionals think and feel about web meetings and conference calls. My team of innovative developers, product managers, and designers created a virtual meeting experience that added human energy to business collaboration. 


Halcyon Worlds


​JAN 2008 - FEB 2009


In January of 2008, I was delighted to join a small virtual worlds startup called Halcyon Worlds. As CEO, I refocused the company on a new product strategy leveraging our virtual worlds platform to deliver a more personal virtual meeting experience. We launched an MVP of the Meetsee virtual office a year later and garnered interest from several leaders in the collaboration space. 



Founder & CEO

​SEP 2006 - JAN 2008


After leaving Microsoft, I founded Kinnection in order to provide a safe place for families to share memories, stay connected, and preserve family history. After raising a Friends and Family round of investment, my team designed, developed, and launched a family-oriented social networking website that allowed households to create and share a personalized family experience.


Microsoft Corporation

Group Manager, Shared Windoes Live Framework 

​SEP 2005 - AUG 2006


I created the team vision, goals, and strategies, including driving revenue projections, feature lists, prioritization and tradeoffs, user experience, and overall project coordination across multiple teams. My cross disciplinary team of developers, product managers, designers, and testers was responsible for building platforms and experiences that extend across Windows Live services including personal expression, themes, and common components.


Group Program Manager, MSN Messenger

​NOV 2001 - SEP 2005


I thoroughly enjoyed managing a team of 30+ program managers responsible for shipping multiple, highly successful communications products including MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Outlook Express, and MSN Premium. I successfully balanced quality, time, and resources across multiple, simultaneous product launches. My team was responsible for defining the product goals, scenarios, user experience, schedule, features, and functionality for 5 releases of MSN Messenger. I differentiated our products by focusing on personal expression features that delighted both customers, partners, and advertisers.


Various Program Management & Instructional Design Roles

​AUG 1996 - NOV 2001

  • Delivered digital audience and revenue growth at
    The Weather Channel

  • Sold Meetsee, a virtual meetings platform

  • Founded Kinnection, a startup that launched
    a family-oriented social networking website 

  • Shipped multiple highly successful global products over 10 years at Microsoft

  • Launching large scale global products

  • Managing large cross-functional teams

  • Delivering on KPIs and revenue goals

  • Selling ideas through storytelling

  • Designing, personalizing, and growing UX

  • Making complex tradeoff and decisions

  • Building strategic vision and roadmaps

Emory University



Florida State University
MS, Instructional Systems Design



Florida State University
BS, Psychology